"-webkit-animation: Cubemove" in Chrome 29 Can Overheat Your CPU

Open this page and carefully monitor the temperature of your CPU.


It is steadily going up? If it is, it’s time to update Chrome. Today the sensors on my CPU measured 97°C and it was all because I had this tab open in the background. Yep, just those two orange boxes rotating around each other.

I was running Chrome v29 under Ubuntu 13.10.

The problem was how webkit-animation: cubemove was being rendered in this older version of Chrome. Running apt-get update followed by apt-get upgrade solved the problem for me.

Now I’m running Chrome v33 and everything’s cool.

I recorded a video while I was debugging:

I’m running watch sensors in the top-right terminal. When I load the page, the temperature raises to +70°C. When I disable the CSS statement, it drops back to ~50°C.

Weird stuff.